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Our Euthanasia Process

Below is the general order of the euthanasia process after making your appointment.

  • Travel to your home by a veterinarian who will discuss any concerns, thoughts, questions, and the process of humane euthanasia for your loved one. Paperwork including the consent form and choices for aftercare, along with payment are completed.

  • Sedation to ease discomfort and allow your pet to become calm and comfortable, completely unconscious before the final injection. Sedation is given orally and/or by subcutaneous injection. Occasionally, like a vaccine, your pet may look back or vocalize with the first injection, but the relaxation starts to take effect in about 5 -15 minutes. A sedation assessment will be performed to make sure they do not respond to stimuli. Their eyes remain open but you will begin to notice any pain or discomfort slip away as their body relaxes.  They may snore and take a nice deep breath. You can be with them the entire time, talk to them, love them, and hold them. You also have the choice to leave at any point during the euthanasia. 

  • After sedation and your pet is at ease and completely unconscious, we place an absorbent pad beneath them because as they relax, they may pass urine or stool.  The euthanasia injection is then given, which is an intentional overdose of anesthesia. This injection allows for the final gift of a peaceful passing. The injection may be given in various areas from their leg veins or into their side but they will not feel a thing. The final injection may take between an average of a few minutes to 15 minutes.

  • After they've passed, we will give you space and time together. If cremation is elected, we will wrap them in a blanket and gently rest them on a stretcher or in a basket before transporting them. For pets over 20 lbs, we may need your help to carry them on our stretcher or we may call the crematorium for pickup.

  • You have the choice of home burial, group cremation, or individual cremation (return of ashes with individual cremation). See aftercare and pricing for details.

  • A courtesy notification to your family's veterinarian of your pet's passing for their records.

  • Transportation of your pet if cremation is selected.

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