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Why choose us to help your loved one?

  • ​Best Friend's Eternal, In-Home-Euthanasia and Aftercare services, was established in 2019. Our mission is to prevent stress for both pets and their family by giving their pet the most peaceful passing possible in the comfort and privacy of their home.

  • Consistently rated 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  since 2019. Feel free to view our testimonials and see our stellar google reviews by searching our name, Best Friends Eternal, via google search engine.

  • We go above and beyond to make sure that your beloved pets are comfortable as possible during our visit. From cozy blankets, premium treats, to gentle sedatives, we will give your pet as much relaxing sedation as they need. They will be 100% happily sedated, asleep, and feeling no pain before their final injection is given.  You are literally giving them the gift of passing peacefully in their sleep.

  • We are locally owned in Battle Ground and Ridgefield, Washington, unlike many other euthanasia services that are corporate owned.

  • We consistently have Dr. Cory Gadwood available to provide our services. She is a compassionate D.V.M., is a Certified Peaceful Euthananasia Veterinarian, and also comes exceedingly recommended amongst our community and veterinary colleagues. She qualifies for the following additional expertise that aid in the highest quality of end-of-life care:

    • Fear Free certified

    • Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy Master Program Certification (end-of-life specialty training)

    • 25 years of end-of-life experience. Most in-home euthanasia services are corporate owned with high turnover and lack the personal and consistent care we offer.​

  • We use the most professional Aftercare services with West Coast Crematory.

  •  We cost less than other in-home euthanasia services in our area.​​​

Fear Free Certification for Euthanasia

Meet Dr. Cory Gadwood

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), Licensed in Washington and Oregon and practicing full time since 2004.  B.S. in Zoology, Computer Information Systems

  • Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy Master Program certification (end-of-life specialty training) and Fear Free Certification.


  • Member of: AVMA -American Veterinary Medical Association, PVMA - Portland Veterinary Medical Association, WVMA - Washington Veterinary Medical Association.  

Dr. Gadwood has worked extensively in the veterinary field since 1989 and graduated from vet school with her D.V.M. degree in 2004.  For over 20 years, she's practiced throughout the Portland Oregon and SW Washington metro (from Longview WA to Salem, OR) within dozens of veterinary hospitals, including her 8 year role as the medical director for an exclusive, fear free, feline hospital.


Dr. Gadwood's primary passion is to promote a "fear free" environment for all patients. There is no better place than home to create a safe place, allowing us to all connect, collaborate, and support the sacred human animal bond, especially during your pet's last moments. Our loved ones not only deserve to live a good life, but also deserve a humane death. The term euthanasia is literally translated into "good death."


Her other interests in veterinary medicine include feline medicine,  Internal medicine, pain management, preventive care, and complimentary medicine (acupuncture, eastern medicine).

For 25 years, much of her time has been devoted to helping guide families through the process of making end-of-life decisions for their pets. She is absolutely honored to be invited into so many loving homes where she gets to witness the deepest on bonds between families and their pets. 

Just a few years ago, she had to euthanize her beloved dog Dezzi in the chaotic setting of an emergency hospital and wished she could have let her go peacefully at their home. These are just some of the of the reasons she chooses to promote and perform the final gift of an in-home euthanasia. 

In her "free" time, she works and enjoys her farm with her husband, their dairy goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, and dogs.

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