How do I Know When it’s Time?

Although agonizing, deciding to euthanize your pet is an act of love. When your pet is in pain, suffering, is terminally ill, and there are no viable options that may improve your pet’s quality of life, then euthanasia is the compassionate and humane choice.

In many cases, however, the decision to euthanize is not clear cut.
There are several things to take into account when making the decision.

Can your pet breathe normally? How much pain is present?

Does your pet have an appetite? Can you maintain your pet’s cleanliness?

Is your pet mobile? Does your pet still appear to have its dignity?

Does your pet appear happy?

Does your pet still enjoy the things in life that have always brought joy?

Is your pet having more good days or bad days?

How is your pet’s health affecting your quality of life? Are your caregiving actions putting yourself, your family, or your community in any danger? Everyone has limitations to the caregiving they can provide. Each situation is very different.

Do you keep postponing the decision because you don’t want to let go? Listen to your heart. The most important thing is to make the decision that is best for your beloved pet, and for your particular situation.

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Please take a look at our Pet Loss Support page.
Pet Loss Hotlines are available and can help you make this decision.
Death is an inevitable part of life. The term euthanasia means “good death”.
The decision to euthanize your pet is a very personal decision. Putting yourself aside, it is the ultimate act of love and compassion.