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lap of love and compassionate care

Consistently voted 5 stars
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"The most beautiful and peaceful experience I could have asked for. I have zero regret choosing to have my baby home in the comfort of his backyard. And I have zero regret choosing BFE. They communicated with me and really showed compassion for myself and my fur baby. We had laughs. We had cries. The process was explained so clearly and I can’t be more thankful. I will highly recommend for years to come." Annie K.

"My family and I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Gadwood. It is an emotional time and she comes in and takes charge, while making you feel part of the whole process. She made the whole experience so much better and really took my precious baby's feelings and comfort into account. You can never make the end a great experience but Dr. Gadwood made it the best it could possibly be. Trust me when I say you should definitely guide your best friend along to the next world at home and I would highly recommend this company to see them there. Thank you so much Dr. Gadwood!" Jared P.

pet loss end of life

"We feel very lucky to be able to use their service when we needed it....Dr Gadwood was very professional but also kind and caring.

  Viktoria M.

quality of life dog

I just wanted to thank you again for making the process of saying goodbye so stress free and comforting. 

You guys are amazing and I will be speaking your praise to any and all who'll listen. Cherine

put dog down senior dog

"I cannot tell you guys enough how much we appreciated your compassion and  empathy during his passing today. You guys made a terrible situation a bit more bearable. He was such a good boy and had a long life with lots of adventures. It was really sad to see him go but we both knew it was time.

You guys easily have the toughest job out there and that's coming from a first responder. I admire your strength it takes to make sure beloved family members have a peaceful passing with thier pets. Thank you." C.S.

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