Understanding Our Euthanasia Services

The loss of a pet is something most pet owners don’t want to think about. Unfortunately, since pets have shorter lifespans than humans, pet owners are faced with having to deal with the death of their special friends.


When quality of life can no longer be maintained, decisions have to be made.

No one wants to suffer.

When asked, many people would choose to die at home in their sleep,

without pain and surrounded by loved ones. 


Best Friends Eternal provides this service for your most precious

companion animals.

Our goal is for the end of life of your pet is to be as comfortable as possible.

Because we love animals, our hearts and souls are deeply connected to the service we provide.


Your first step is to call us at (360) 524-3328. We can answer any questions you may have and we can make an appointment when the time is right.


Our veterinarian, sometimes with an assistant, will come to your home.  

Initially upon arriving, we can provide you with a quality of life consultation. We want you to be assured that you are making the right decision.   Sometimes there are options to euthanasia that have not been considered. One example would be trying a multimodal pain relief treatment plan. Euthanasia is expected to be a sad and difficult time, but it is important that you have no regrets *


Next we will discuss aftercare and memorial arrangements. We offer many options. Paperwork is then completed and payment is made.

The actual location for the euthanasia can be indoors or outside. We want everything to be as comfortable as possible for you, your pet, and your family. Euthanasia services can also be provided at other locations, such as a chapel or crematory. Plans such as these, should be arranged ahead of time. We do ask that the location chosen has good lighting and accessibility.  We also prefer an electrical outlet nearby, but we do have an extension cord if necessary.


Before we proceed, we will explain the details of the euthanasia procedure and what to expect. Feel free to decide at this point if you would like to be present for the actual procedure or not. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.


You may want to create an environment to make this a special final moment. Some pet owners light candles, sing, pray, burn sage, share memories, feed their pets special treats, etc.  We respect that this is your home and we try our best to accommodate your wishes at this difficult time. 


Our typical procedure starts with an injection that is given to sedate your pet. The injection is given in a similar manner as a pet vaccination. Within several minutes the sedative removes pain and allows your pet to relax. Most pet owners like to hold their pet and comfort them as they become sedated and relaxed. In these moments, many pet owners find comfort in watching their pet become free of pain. As the sedative continues to take effect, most of the pets become unconscious.


When we are sure your pet is comfortable and feeling no pain, the euthanasia medication is then given by injection. It is very closely related to some of the drugs that veterinarians use to induce general anesthesia. This chemical causes a deeper loss of consciousness, stops the beating of the heart, thereby causing death while the animal is deeply asleep. This is where the term "put to sleep" comes from. The last step in the procedure, the veterinarian will listen with a stethoscope and verify that the heart has stopped. 


The actual procedure is specifically tailored to your individual pet. Modifications to our typical process may be necessary. Examples would include specialized handling or medications for a large or aggressive dog who distrusts strangers, or a fearful cat who cannot be handled. 

If there are special considerations we should be aware of, please let us know when you make the appointment. We can work in conjunction with your regular veterinarian if necessary so that everything can work as smoothly, safely and comfortably as possible.


After your pet has passed, if you desire, we allow you and your family time to be alone with your pet for final goodbyes.  Your other pets are also encouraged to witness the body.  It appears that this helps them to understand what happened to their friend when he/she is suddenly gone.


If a cremation option was selected, we will transport to a trusted crematory facility.


If you made the decision to receive your pet’s ashes, a memorial item, or a remembrance package, expect this to take 1-3 weeks depending on the selection. If you are not contacted within this time, please call us.


As pet owners ourselves, we have experienced the heartache of this difficult time. Although never easy, we strive for this compassionate decision for your pet to be as peaceful as possible. 


Please call or email us if you have further questions. We will respond to you as quickly as possible

We sympathize with what you are going through.


Please call for an appointment : (360) 524-3328

complete the appointment request form in the Contact Us section of this site.

*There may be a rare occasion where we may deny providing a euthanasia. If this occurs, we will offer you suggestions and assistance with other options that we feel should

be considered before making this life-ending decision. There is a discount for a future euthanasia for your same pet if the services are rendered

within 12 months of the quality of life consultation.